Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors can have an enormous impact on the appearance of your home and will completely change the décor and ambiance of the living space. Besides the beauty and warmth that these floors provide, hardwood floors are a longer-lasting value than any other type of floor covering and can actually add to your home’s resale value. Hardwood floors are also durable, beautiful, warm, and stylish. Renaissance Floor and Carpet provides a wide array of hardwood brands and products, including engineered and laminate floors, as well as greener choices like bamboo. We can also provide services such as resurfacing and refinishing to bring your existing floors back to the original shine and look.

Our Solid, pre-finished hardwood floors have already been sanded and stained and are normally treated with 4 to 8 layers of urethane/aluminum oxide at the manufacturing plant. This results in a much harder and better protected surface. Over the years, manufacturers have perfected sophisticated techniques of finish application where several coats of urethane/aluminum oxide can be applied within minutes. Pre-finished hardwood products have become very affordable over the years as a result.

Engineered wood floors are constructed using a top layer of real hardwood and lower layers of thin wood sheets. These layers are bonded together in opposite directions to create a single engineered wood plank. This method of construction lends the wood product a great deal of dimensional stability and creates a floor that is more resistant to moisture temperature fluctuations. This makes it well suited for areas such as kitchens and basements.