There is nothing like new carpet for making your home look clean, fresh, new, and inviting. New carpet can make your family feel more comfortable, make your guests feel more at home, and wow potential home buyers. Old carpet is often worn down, stained, or full of contaminants that are harmful to people and pets’ health. Why not replace it with something new?

If you would like to have new carpet installed in your North Potomac Maryland home or business, Renaissance Floor & Carpet is the most reliable source in the D.C. area.

We have many different carpet styles and colors to choose from. For instance, we offer textured carpet, which is soft and has twisted fibers that keep dirt away and reflect light in a beautiful way. We also offer frieze carpet, which has fibers that are given an additional twist. This makes the frieze carpet look pebbly. Meanwhile, looped carpet such as Berber carpeting cushions people’s feet while also limiting dirt tracks and stains.

The installation of carpet in North Potomac MD is best left to professionals. Even if you are a do-it-yourself type, you will find it almost impossible to stretch and install carpet properly. You do not want your new carpet to have rolls and humps, so you need someone who has special tools and expertise in this area. Call a professional carpet installation company. Renaissance Floor & Carpet experts can help with carpeting installation.

Once your North Potomac Maryland residence or place of business has new carpeting, how might you keep it clean? The vacuum is the number one appliance you should turn to for cleaning carpets. Vacuum your new carpet regularly. This will keep out everyday dirt and dust. Then, at least once per year, have your carpet professionally cleaned to remove the extra grime that has built up in the meantime. And what if there is a spill or a pet accident? Clean the spot right away to minimize the probability of the stain setting in for good. Apply dish detergent, or a carpet cleaning solution, and warm water.

Pet lovers are invited to talk to a Renaissance Floor & Carpet professional about our pet friendly carpet options. We sell carpeting that is pet and stain resistant. It’s also important to choose a color that minimizes the chance of staining, if you have pets that might damage your carpet on occasion. While pet accidents are not covered in carpet warranties, with the right choice of carpet, you can be confident about choosing a floor covering that will remain beautiful for years to come.

Renaissance Floor & Carpet sells only the highest quality carpet brands. We place our trust in these brands because they have been providing reliable products for years. North Potomac Maryland residents can place their trust in them, too. If a carpet brand is not reliable, we do not purchase their carpeting. Visit our showroom, located in Rockville Maryland, to experience the quality of carpet brands like Southwind, Kane Carpet, Shaw, Burtco, Central Oriental, Camelot Carpet Mills, and Tuftex.