At Renaissance Floor & Carpet, we understand that you value your North Potomac Maryland home. Choosing the perfect type of tile for your space will increase your home’s property value. It will also create a lovely place for you, your family, and your guests to enjoy. But which tile option is right for your home?

Renaissance offers a wide selection of tile options, including these:

  • Ceramic tile
  • Porcelain tile
  • Slate tile
  • Heated tile
  • Glass tile
  • Mosaic tile
  • Natural stone tile
  • And much more . . .

When you visit our showroom and see these tile options in person, you will get a good feel for their differences. We also invite you to talk with a Renaissance Floor & Carpet tile specialist to discuss which tile type would suit your North Potomac MD bathroom, kitchen, patio, basement, or other room. For now, let’s think about a few of the differences between the types of tile. Let’s also consider a few pros and cons about ceramic tile, porcelain tile, and more.

Ceramic tile is warm, stylish, beautiful, and practical. It is an excellent choice for your bathrooms since it is waterproof and stain proof. Also, it is slip resistant, so that your feet will have good traction on it. Ceramic tile is also great for the bathroom because it does not crack when it gets very hot or very cold. On the other hand, when ceramic tile does crack, it’s sometimes hard to repair. Ceramic does not crack easily, but if something weighty is dropped on or against it, it may break.

Porcelain tile is very similar to ceramic tile, but it is more durable. It is less likely to break, and it can withstand more forceful treatment without cracking. Porcelain tile is nearly as durable as stone is. Porcelain tile is also advantageous because its color is consistent. This is another way that it is like stone. This means that if it does crack and needs repairing, it will be easier to match seamlessly. When you choose porcelain tile over ceramic tile, keep in mind that you will pay more for this more reliable material.

Renaissance also offers heated tile for your North Potomac MD home. Think about waking on a cold morning, padding around the house, and not having to cope with a freezing floor. If your kitchen and bathrooms featured heated tiles, your family’s feet would remain warm and cozy.

Homeowners in North Potomac Maryland like to install glass tile for the kitchen’s backsplash. Glass tile will brighten a kitchen because it reflects light and has a soft, glowing appearance. Glass tile is also very easy to clean. Simply wipe it down with a dishcloth, sponge, or rag.

Make your kitchen and bathroom more stylish with a unique tile type. Slate, mosaic, and natural stone are some of our many tile options. Renovate your North Potomac Maryland house or condo by installing new tile with Renaissance Floor & Carpet.