News Update for Residents of North Potomac Maryland: Laminate Floors and Health

In March of 2015, “60 Minutes” on CBS News reported that one of the biggest hardwood flooring retailers in America was selling laminate floors that could be dangerous to people’s health.

The hardwood floor company was selling and installing laminate made in China. These floorboards had very high amounts of formaldehyde, a toxic chemical. Measurements revealed that this cancer-causing agent was present in the laminate flooring at levels that exceeded the set health and safety standards.

Consumers who bought laminate floors from this hardwood flooring company said that they had health problems during the months after installation of their new floors. Scientists have determined that formaldehyde exposure can lead to numerous symptoms in people of all ages as well as pets.

Having large amounts of this chemical in a house’s flooring is dangerous because family members spend the majority of their time at home. Toxic flooring is also hazardous when present in a commercial site where people are working and doing business.

This flooring company has retail locations in forty-six U.S. states. Some of these retail locations are close to North Potomac Maryland. Both residents and business owners in North Potomac MD should avoid purchasing laminate floorboards that contain formaldehyde. It is important to choose a hardwood flooring company you trust.

The safety and health of our customers is important to us at Renaissance Floor & Carpet. As a matter of fact, ensuring your safety and health is the most important thing that we do. We take precautions to ensure that our flooring products meet safety and health standards.

When we purchase and install laminate floorboards, we make sure that they meet and exceed the standards for safety. Laminate flooring can be manufactured safely, and almost all laminate flooring is safe. When the flooring is manufactured properly, unsafe amounts of toxic chemicals do not enter the material or cause health problems.

Renaissance laminate floorboards meet and exceed the strict health and safety standards that have been established by scientists and government agencies. We follow many safety protocols, and we only purchase products from flooring manufacturers that we trust to do things correctly and safely.

Home and business owners in North Potomac Maryland can remain confident that when Renaissance Floor & Carpet installs laminate or any type of floorboards, the materials are safe for people and pets.

Laminate is a great choice for flooring in homes and businesses because it is convenient and easy to maintain. Unlike hardwood, it does not need waxing or staining. It is durable and it can look just like hardwood, stone, or other natural materials. Laminate remains a popular flooring option for North Potomac MD residents and businesspeople.

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